True discovery happens when you relinquish the idea of a final destination... this is where it happens. What has been in search of the entire time is found, stumbled upon. In a state of comfort, clarity becomes the realization that what is now visible has been present the whole time. Perceived invisible, having emerged in this moment it’s only to reason that these connections lied within. That the product acquired was the exchange of letting go, trusting, at an indiscriminate cost.

Primarily guided by nature, and that of my own, I listen, see, and share the findings to help guide projects to solution. This practice is one that take patience and understanding. An understanding that, nothing is perfect, including myself, and nothing is final.

The duality which exists in the natural world however, presents to me that while this understanding is true; perfection exists within its imperfections and that some things must come to close.

Our work together aims to incorporate these concepts in order to quantify scope while leaving room for necessary discovery.

“Enter at your own reward.”